At Digital Edge, we focus on the complete software lifecycle and system environment. We can provide assistance in several dimensions, including OO Analysis & Design, Configuration Management and Software Evaluation in addition to our core competencies in Software Development & Configuration.

Software Development

Whether its implementing a brand new system or providing the extra muscle you need to get a project back on schedule, we are willing to contribute our expertise with the following platforms and languages to insure your success.

Object-Oriented Analysis & Design

When it comes to designing new systems or features, our focus is to help you flesh out your ideas, starting from as little as a "napkin spec" or "one liner". Translating them into technical specifications and a functional software solution is where we provide value - there is no need for the business user to become an expert in technology in order to build a solution (although we will happily share as much or as little of the technical details as you are willing to hear...). Instead, we make the effort to understand your business environment so that we can discuss the problem domain in your terminology.